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We offer a wide selection of soil amendments and fertilization products in liquid, dry, granular, pelletized and powder forms for virtually every need. We have OMRI® Listed, WSDA Reg. Materials, USDA Organic, National Organic Program Compliant and Phosphate Free products covering a wide range of applications for Agriculture, Professional, Commercial Growers, Hydroponic Growers, Small & Large Scale Farms, Pastures, Acreage, Gardens of any size, Lawns, Landscapes, Commercial Properties and Homeowners. We work hard to offer better choices and provide the products that'll help you accomplish your goals in any growing method. Organic Products Notice

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Horticulture Liquid Molasses (1 case of 4 gallons)

Case of 4 Gallons Molasses provides a natural food source for the indigenous microbial populations in the soil. It is often recommended for many types of plants, crops and turf in organic growing programs. Molasses is compatible with most natural biological soil stimulators and helps increase the microbial activity in the soil. Some chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides may reduce the effectiveness of this product. Derived from non-GMO sugar cane with 79.5% Brix cane Molasses without urea. Contains Total Invert Sugar of 43%. Meets the requirements for Certified Organic Production by NOP Rule 205.203 (c) (3).

Bio S.I. AG Formula + Humus Soil Inoculant 1 gal.

Bio S.I. Ag Formula + Humus is a soil inoculant with a broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring beneficial microbes and enzymes for rebuilding the soil. For use on row crops, broadcast crops, pastures, grass, vineyards, orchards, fruits and vegetables of all types to help rebuild the soil. Helps reduce crusting and breaks down organic matter (plant residue) into humus. Humus is the fraction of the soil that holds water and nutrients in the rhizosphere (root zone). Microbes also help make nutrients more available for use by the crop by breaking down the fertilizer or nutrients so they can be absorbed through the roots. With input costs going higher and higher we need to make whatever we use more efficient and using Bio S.I. Ag Formula + Humus Soil Inoculant improves the efficiency of your fertilizer program and reduces the environmental impact of chemical use.

Garrett Juice Plus Concentrate (5 gal. pail)

Garrett Juice Plus is an all natural foliar plant food 1.5 (N) - 2.2 (P) - 1.5 (K) and soil drench developed by the Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett. The simple but powerful formula of compost tea, apple cider vinegar, molasses and seaweed has been made even more powerful with the addition of hydrolyzed fish. Garrett Juice Plus is ideal for use on all plants! Concentrate.

Nutrients PLUS 4-4-2 Organic Fertilizer AG Size Granules (1 Ton Tote)

Nutrients PLUS 4-4-2 Organic Fertilizer is an all-natural, fully composted organic poultry manure fertilizer. OMRI Listed and suitable for use in organic farming and gardening.

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The National Organic Standards require that all certified organic producers, processors and handlers use materials that comply with the applicable parts of the Standards [7 CFR Part 205]. The Standards include the National List, which dictates allowed and prohibited substances for use in organic crop and livestock production, as well as substances allowed in organic food processing and handling.

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